Christmas crafting with your family

Your keepsake wooden box contains everything you need to start your new Christmas tradition: prebaked gingerbread pieces to easily build your house, no need for mixing with ready made icing, a clever icing bag to decorate your house, an icing sheet for a bed of snow to place your house on and 24 dated and decorated packages each containing a unique treat to decorate your gingerbread house with.

What’s in the KalenderHaus kit ?

Inside your KalenderHaus gingerbread house advent calendar kit

Building the

Gingerbread House

Building your KalenderHaus gingerbread house

Your kit contains all you need to build your gingerbread house. Delicious handmade pre baked gingerbread pieces along with ready made icing that can go straight into your icing bag to assemble and decorate your gingerbread house. You won't believe how easy it is. Now you're ready to start decorating...

decorating your gingerbread house

A surprise treat every day

It's day one and your first advent treat is ready to be discovered. Eyes are twinkling in anticipation. What will your first treat be? Each package has a unique treat for you to personalise your gingerbread house. Will it be a reindeer? Some snowflakes? Maybe a tree or a little sugar gnome. Everyday is a delightful surprise to add a bit of festive magic. And you've only just begun! You have 23 more surprises to get stuck on before the big day.



You won't come across these little delights everywhere. Hand picked for KalenderHaus, your surprise decorations are truly unique. Tracks in the snow: a little car taking a tree home to the gingerbread house.  You can't eat this one but even the ones you can,  are too adorable to gobble up.



last day of your advent calendar
Adding decorations to your gingerbread house
Adorable decorations for your gingerbread house
Surprise treats to decorate your gingerbread house advent calendar

24 days of unique surprises

KalenderHaus snowman